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We are Laurie & Caroline Hart and make up Back2Back Photography, together we established our photography business in 2005. With over thirteen years ‘experience capturing the LOVE for ALL couples, you can be sure you are hiring professionals.


When you book Back2Back Photography for your wedding day, you get two highly experienced photographers, who are both artistic and creative, capturing everything from the details to candid moments.


Our work has been featured in prestigious publications including, Huffington Post and EQL Magazine, among others.


 About Laurie

 Laurie was born in Massachusetts and from a very young age she wanted to make people laugh and enjoyed telling stories, fiction or not, now that's a whole other story! Combine that with her passion for photography and love for details meant one thing, she not only wanted to photograph weddings BUT tell the story.

"Being creative is what it's ALL about! From photographing the wedding favor, you spent so much time over to the steamy kiss that will make you popular on Instagram! Whether it's an intimate wedding down in Cape Cod or a lavish England wedding across the pond, it's a chapter in your life that I want to capture it."

- Laurie Hart


 About Caroline

Caroline originally from England, her first love has always been in the arts, from drawing, painting, graphic design and of course to photography.

"I can remember having a tiny camera as a child and loving snapping away then excitedly seeing the printed results. Of course, time has moved on and now we get instant results, but I am still excited to see what I have caught on camera.  I love dramatic shots, big scenery, billowing clouds, and a veil blowing gently in the breeze, with the couple front and center. My aim is always to capture the couple’s personality with an artistic eye."

- Caroline Hart


 “I saw all the pictures and am in love. You both are amazing, and I could not be happier with the pictures you took of our wedding. I'm very happy with my decision in picking you both, and I will be recommending you to anyone who will listen to me with my pictures as proof of your beautiful work!”

 - Jessica Cardoso 


“Love you ladies at Back2Back Photography you totally captured our wedding perfectly!!!”

 - Kara Silva